30 days of yoga

It is a truth universally acknowledged that at one point or another in their blogging career, a blogger will have to apologize to his or her readers for an extended, likely unintentional, hiatus.  I know I’ve had to do so on more than one occasion, and consider this my 4,125th apology for letting the blog lag so much.  I have reasons, but I don’t feel like delving into them right now.  So for now let’s keep it light and fluffy, eh?

I was recently asked by someone who shall remain nameless to try some activities that would put me in better touch with what I can do with my body, rather than how my body looks.  Oh, and by the way, for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been diagnosed with an ED.  For any of you who ever thought I was too hung up on weight and food: YOU WERE RIGHT.  But back to the narrative flow here.  A goal is to start to value my body for what it can do, and exercise is one way to develop a sense of that value.  Of course, I exercise regularly already but I tend to take running for granted.  So I thought yoga might be a great way to cultivate bodily awareness and appreciation.

For this reason, I’m challenging myself to at least 20 minutes of yoga (which will also count as mindful meditation time) per day, if possible.  I’d like to try to make this a 30-day challenge, but make it more about what I can learn about appreciating my body for what it is than about getting stronger or thinner or going further in a pose.

Because I’m broke right now, I’m going to stick to yogadownload classes (for those of you who don’t already know, this is an awesome website and I encourage everyone to at least try one of the twenty-minute podcasts), and probably run through quite a few of the free ones (the 20-minute podcasts).  I’ll also be offering reviews of the classes I do through the challenge page I’ll be creating.

Anyone want to join me?  This could be an exciting journey of bodily appreciation.



  1. Maybe I could join you but I would have to talk to you first. I don’t do podcasts – you know, I just have that little iPod shuffle thing.

  2. Man, I had been checking your blog fairly regularly, stopped for like two weeks and naturally you start writing again. 😉 I wonder if I’d be able to find the 20 minutes a day to do these podcasts… I would love to have more yoga in my day.

    Btw to Mom you don’t have to have anything other than the shuffle. Anything that plays MP3s will do podcasts, you can usually just download them as MP3s and play them that way. (I follow a weekly Disney World podcast, shut up, I’m still cool.)

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