I’m checking in

If anyone can tell me where that post title comes from (hint: it’s Simpsons-related):bonus points.

Last week’s training was objectively fine but personally, I was pretty disappointed with it.  Running continued to suck and I ended the week eating pretty poorly and feeling pretty bad overall.  I don’t have much to report this week–I have yet to get a workout in (and it’s Wednesday…and no, I don’t feel good about that), I think the stress of everything that has been going on lately is getting to me even more now than it was before, and I’m not sure I’m really going to bother trying to get any training in this week.

Yeah, I’m kind of blowing the week off.  Oh well.  I might try to do some yoga and strength training.  I know trying to maintain some semblance of activity would be good right now, but I feel so overwhelmed by everything that the thought of doing anything is just too much.  I figure I can’t lose that much fitness in a week, and it’s not like I was doing all that great beforehand anyway.  So things probably won’t get worse, right?

Anyway, I’m hoping this little respite will do me some good and we’ll get back on track next week.



      1. Yay! Gold star for me!

        I think you should take it easy for at least a week. I have been on a “little respite” myself for quite some time now! Keep up the good work, Emilie!

  1. hope the week off will help recharge you and get the motivation flowing again. sometimes you just need a break from running! don’t dwell on it too much, just take it easy and get back to the grind next week.

  2. I’ve had those OFF weeks and, personally, taking a few days off really helps. Usually I mix it up by getting in a few good walks and taking my camera or something. 🙂 I hope you’re not too stressed over there!!!

  3. I have to say that from my own personal experience a few good walks are an excellent substitute – and the addition of the camera is a perfect way to make you feel like you are substituting the exercise/workout part of the walk for a “time out” kind of activity. Yesterday, I skipped my regular morning run; but after work, I took the bus home but got off at a spot that was 2+ miles from my house and walked home. It’s a great way to appreciate your neighborhood. Plus it was enjoyable and I didn’t feel like I was working out!

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