Oops I did it again

True story: when I was young (just a wee health- and fitness-crazed bairn.  Well, not so wee, probably 12 or 13), I used to watch workout shows on ESPN and ESPN2 for fun and personal edification in the mornings before school.  I mean, you know, the way some people would watch the news*.  I’m sure my family members really enjoyed having to sit through numerous half-hour programs detailing cardio routines and weight exercises for specific body parts**.  The thing is, though, I learned a lot from those shows.  I just didn’t end up applying any of it, as demonstrated by my seeming inability to get into a consistent weight-lifting routine.  I also can’t remember the names of these shows, which means, sadly, that I can’t embed a clip.  Oh well.

The thing I learned from this show that stuck most was the following nugget of wisdom: “You are only as strong as your weakest link.”  So true!  And yet even though that sentence clearly had a profound effect on me, I think my links are pretty weak.  Case in point: last week, I read this article on FitSugar and I was like “Oh.  Oops.”  Reading this article didn’t teach me anything new, but it did remind me of how much room there is for improvement, and I see that as a good thing.  Let’s review, though, shall we?  Here are my workout mistakes:

  1. Fitsugar says: “Running is your only form of cardio”; I say: “Yes, guilty, but only kind of these days because while I do run more than anything else (other things just don’t seem worth it), I have gotten better since starting my triathlon training, and I think that even once the triathlon is ancient history, I will still make an effort to mix things up with some cycling and swimming, because I’m learning that I actually enjoy those things!
  2. Fitsugar says: “You skip the warmup”; I say: “That’s right, I do!  And I have no excuse.  I know better than this.  So…boy are my cheeks red!”
  3. Fitsugar says: “You don’t stretch”; I say: “Yes, I do.  Sometimes.  I will not deny that I could definitely stand to stretch much, much more than I do.  And probably incorporate more yoga, since I haven’t done much of that lately, which makes me pretty sad.”
  4. Fitsugar says: “Your weights are too light”; I say: “Haha!  Got you there–my weights can’t be too light if I don’t use them!  Oh…wait…”
  5. Fitsugar says: “You do the same weight routine every time”; I say: “Um, see above?”
  6. Fitsugar says: “You only do crunches to whittle your middle”; I say: “Yeah, about that…”

I always sort of knew what I was and wasn’t doing, but when I actually sat down and thought about it, it ended up being sort of embarrassing.  So while I’m not going to make this official and call it a thirty-day challenge (I’m still working on getting going on the weight lifting, after all, and that will happen), I am going to start making a concerted effort to do a better job of balancing my fitness routine a little bit.  I think if I can incorporate a few small changes every week (stretch a little bit longer, do a few ab exercises, lift weights at all regardless of their weight/the routine, etc) I’ll feel better in the long run.

Anyone else with me?  How does your routine measure up to the workout mistakes listed above?

*Once I grew out of this phase (or they changed the programming schedule), I started watching performance of the Who in the morning.  That was a fun way to start a day.  Great music and smashed instruments.  Good times!  And I have to say, in all honesty, that as I sit here typing and listening to “Shakin’ All Over” from Live at Leeds, je ne regrette rien, even though the morning news probably would have made me a better-informed person.

**Please, family members, refrain from stating just how much you appreciated this habit in the comments.



  1. yeah… let’s see:
    1) yep, guilty. occasionally i squeeze in 30 minutes or so on the stationary bike. or maybe more like rarely. fail.
    2) warmup? that’s what miles 1 and 2 are for. fail.
    3) maybe for 1-2 minutes after a run… ok, maybe 30 seconds-1min. i am trying to put forth a tiny effort to stretch a teeny bit. i always know i need to do more, but usually just in the mood to get home and relax. fail.
    4) lift weights? do pushups count? 🙂 fail.
    5) major fail.
    6) i don’t even do crunches. i figure the pushups work my abs. fail.

    hope that makes you feel a little better about your self-assessment. lol. i need to work on #1 and #3. on speed days i do throw in a warm up, but i haven’t ran speedy in awhile. #5, i just know i probably won’t be getting in a routine anytime soon, but i do pushups 2-3 times a week (for 300+ pushups/week) in hopes of getting a little toning in my arms/shoulders. my abs are also often sore after doing pushups so i consider it my ab workout as well. plus i am more of a believer in not-specifically-targeting the abs to work them out. that might make me lazy? 🙂

  2. 1.there are other forms of cardio? I don’t understand. But seriously, I need to get better about cross training. It’s just that everything else bores me.
    2. I agree with Lindsay. My first mile or so I my warm-up. Don’t see that as a problem. In a perfect world I would have plenty of time on the morning to warm-up. Oh, also there would be mo humidity. And I would get a massage after every run. Not going to happen.
    3. Actually, I am pretty good at post-run stretching. Toot toot.
    4. & 5. I go in spurts with my weight training; some weeks it goes very well and others suck. Actually planning to go fo some weights today. I use a program on my iPhone that helps me mix up my routines.
    6. Very lazy with my abs. My coach says to at least do 5 minutes a day. That’s it. And yet, I still don’t do it. Dumb.

  3. haha. I’m pretty sure that I miss out on most of those. Although I do a fair amount of stretching after the big knee scare last year. But I still rarely lift weights and usually do that same weight routine. That and the same old crunches. It’s just easier and quicker to do what I am used to I guess. It would be nice to break out of it someday.

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