She’s got the yips

I ran a 5k this morning.  And when I use the verb ‘run’, I use it in the loosest sense possible.  I walked three times, I felt awful for most of it.  Training this week has been terrible, and earlier this week I was unable to run 2.4 miles continuously.  I don’t really feel like getting into it, so I will just leave you with these two (related) things:

(because there are few things in this world I'd rather look at)

(#1: because there are few things in this world I'd rather look at)

#2: because it’s related to both the picture and what I’m experiencing these days, and also because I couldn’t find a video clip of it…

Cuddy: Did he really think I was going to do that?

House: I didn’t.

Cuddy: Then why did you–

House: Tried to cut him some slack.

Cuddy: Nice of you.

House: I think he’s got the yips. Steve Blass, Scott Norwood, David Duval all got the yips. Great athletes. Lost their confidence and immediately starting sucking.

Cuddy: And you’re giving him time to work through it?

House: Mm-hmm. Four days. Then he’s fired. you don’t get better from the yips.

Happy weekend, everybody.  Have a good run for me.



  1. ooh i hate 5k’s. the last one i did i seriously wanted to just quit around mile 2. those things are the devil!

    hope you are having a good weekend and can get out for a good, remember-why-you-love-running kind of run, no matter the pace.

    1. Here’s a definition for the yips:

      pl.n. Nervousness or tension that causes an athlete to fail to perform effectively, especially in missing short putts in golf.

      My point was that I think all my running lately has sort of gotten me to a place where I’ve started psyching myself out. It’s becoming a vicious cycle. And don’t call yourself an idiot.

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