Some days, I hate everything

Another blog post, another song lyric.  Appropriate, though.

After swimming and biking on Saturday, and then finding out that both the people I live with are actually dickheads (although I do have to say–thanks everyone for all your support.  And no, dickhead roommates, you’re not included in that “everyone”.  If you’re reading, which you aren’t), I ended up just taking Sunday off.  I had a 20-mile bike ride on the schedule but I just pushed it back to this week instead of doing it.  Yesterday I went running.  It was awful.  I did intervals, and I guess I just kept going out too hard on the speed intervals.  I felt like dying, and the feeling remained with me for a long time afterwards.  So I can say with confidence that my running continues to be all over the friggin’ board these days.

Today I took my bike out for my twenty miles.  My bike and I are both in Philly right now (this is where my bike has been, unfortunately, I’m only here occasionally and haven’t had the chance yet to bring the bike up to NYC with me) so I was looking forward to having a chance to skip the stationary bike and actually get out on the road.  Ha.  I should know by now that the universe has decided to crap on me at every turn.

I took the bike out and went about .2 miles feeling like my tires were a little low.  The front one was compressing more than usual, so I pulled over to the side of the road and pressed it a little.  It wasn’t too low, but I would have felt better about it being a little more firm.  So I turned around and went back to the apartment parking lot where I whipped out my bike pump so I could get some air into that thing.

Now, prior to my friend Mike bringing my bike up to Philly, the bike had to be taken into the shop for some maintenance.  Both tires were a little low on air, and the front one seemed to have a problem around the valve post, where air would escape from it if you tried to pump air into it.  Result: the tire would go completely flat.  When the bike got up to Philly with rock hard tires, I thought the problem must have been fixed.  Apparently not, though.  I don’t know what the people at the bike store did, but they didn’t fix the problem.  I flipped my bike and started pumping air into the tire, only to have the same problem I’d had before with the valve post–not only was there no air going into the tire, all the air that remained in the tire escaped.  The tire is now absolutely flat and it seems like there’s nothing I can do about it.  So long, twenty mile training ride.

Maybe this triathlon was a bad idea.  I sort of feel like just giving up on it.

This afternoon, I have to get on the road again to go home to the Washington, D.C. area, so I won’t even be able to stay in Philly and figure out the bike situation (i.e. take it to a shop to get a second look at it).  I also don’t know how I’m going to get any biking in at home.  It turns out you can rent a bike from certain bike shops, so I might do that.  Unfortunately, it costs money, and I discovered today that I screwed up some student loan payments (even though I’m really not sure how), so it would be nice to save some money rather than spend it.

For now, the plan is to run this evening when I get home.  I’m not sure what tomorrow or the next day will hold at this point.  I figure at some point, the proverbial clouds have got to break and the silver lining will shine through.  I’m getting pretty impatient, though.  It’s hard to keep your head up, you know?  After a while, your neck gets a little tired.  I’m past that point now.  My neck is exhausted, hence wanting to just throw in the towel for this triathlon.  I am just so tired of things going wrong, or going way off the plan.



  1. Hang in there…I’m sure the silver lining is in there somewhere. That really sucks about the bike. I’ve had the same problem with Best Buy’s geek squad. They “fixed” my computer but I still had the same problem. The bike shop needs to fix this problem!! Anyways, I hope things turn around for you soon.

  2. I know all of this stuff must be super frustrating . . . but hang in there! I know you can do it!! Don’t give up, chica! It will be that much more satisfying when you cross that finish line! 🙂 We’re all rooting for you!

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