My Precious

Everyone’s so curious about this exciting thing I’m supposed to announce.  That makes me feel like maybe it will be a bit of a let down.  Actually, I have a few sort of exciting things to announce.  Or maybe just a couple.  But only ONE big one.  Depending on how you look at it, anyway.

Without further ado…


Say hello to the Precious.  Which I’ll (maybe) affectionately refer to as P.  It’s sleeping now.  And by sleeping I actually mean charging.  That’s what that massive clamp is there for, because it’s no longer cool to have things plug into other things which plug into electrical sockets.  You now have to make clamps.  Anyhoo, this is the Garmin Forerunner 405, which I have been figuratively drooling on for quite some time now.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy it.  I sort of wanted the green one more, but I thought it might get dingy.  So ultimately I chose to go with ye olde basic black.  So dependable.  And slimming!  Speaking of slimming, this thing is rather big.  I sort of wish they had made a smaller, dainty, lady-sized version.  Well, I don’t really.  Not in those terms, anyway.  But I do wish it were slightly smaller because MAN! sweating underneath that arm band had me a bit worried I was going to electrocute myself.  I ran today with the Precious and it was great!  I’d been missing having a Forerunner (as you might recall, I had a 201 which sort of died in a fakey kind of way and it’s possible that it could be resurrected by someone with more tech savvy than I have)…now I can obsess over every single aspect of my run.  O frabjous day!

Other exciting things: I finally found the nutrition program at the school where I work.  This means I can (hopefully) work on my MS tuition free!  I’ve been trying to get more information from people who connected to the program, but Fridays during the summer are generally not good days to try and get information from people in academic fields.  Hopefully I will have more info next week.  I’m pretty excited but in a very guarded, let’s-not-get-our-hopes-up kind of way.

Also, I bought myself a handheld water bottle (does anyone else have one of these? you know, the kind that have a strap that you put your hand through and that’s supposed to let your hand relax but still allow you to carry the water?) in an effort to stave off dehydration on runs too short to necessitate my Fuel Belt.  I also got a tube of Nuun tablets.  Today’s run would have been a perfect opportunity to take both for a test drive since it was both massively hot and humid, but I felt a little overwhelmed having the Garmin with me for the first time and wanted to be able to focus on that without worrying about dealing with other stuff.  So that will have to wait for another day.

My stomach is still weird today although it got progressively better as the day wore on.  I was hoping to get in a run and a bike ride today but because I was feeling so crummy earlier, I ended up dropping the ride because I didn’t want to cram a run and a ride into a short period of time.  All I’ve done this week is run, which sort of makes me a bad triathlete, but I only had two rides and one swim on the schedule, and I’m planning on getting them done this weekend.  I’m also hoping to get in at least one more run.  I’ll keep you posted!



    1. Thanks, Chris! I will undoubtedly have lots of questions–this thing seems to have endless possibilities 🙂

  1. I forgot to say congratulations on possibly moving forward with your nutrition goals. I hope that materializes for you and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. oooh sexy! this looks way slim compared to the other versions. i haven’t gotten a garmin yet, one day one day. hope the ms program works out for you! what a good opportunity that would be.

  3. YAY! So much great news in one post! First of all, hooray for Precious–she’s beautiful!! Second of all, I think it’s fabulous that you’re taking steps towards the nutrition MS! You are such a rockstar! I really hope it works out 🙂

  4. well, ever since I realized the true reference to “my precious,” I can’t stop thinking how Sean Astin rocks in Lord of the Rings. And, of course, my precious, you rock too!

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