Triathlon haul

I went shopping today to pick up some swimming essentials, since triathlon training starts Monday and my first workout will be in the pool!  I trekked (it actually wasn’t a bad trip, and it’s a beautiful day) downtown to Paragon Sports, which you should visit if you live in New York or are visiting.  This place has a ton of stuff and an incredibly helpful (and not at all snooty) staff.  Plus you can try on goggles before you buy them, which gets an A+ in my book.

IMG_1511My mission was to get what I would need for the swimming component of my training: a suit, goggles, and a few swim caps.  Mission accomplished!  Paragon Sports has a great selection of everything you could possibly want.  I used to swim competitively, so I had a clear idea of what I wanted: basic suit, thick straps (it seems like a lot of brands are making thinner-strapped suits now, which I don’t really see being all that comfortable, what with the chafing), latex caps, mirrored and tinted goggles.  It was strange buying swimming gear again, it’s been a super long time since I’ve done that.  Very little has changed.  It really took me back, though, to the days of weekly swim meets and being current with the latest suit designs, and having a favorite brand (I’m still partial to Speedo and have a weird thing againt TYR).  You’ll also notice that I couldn’t help but pick up a PHELPS swim cap.  I thought that was too hilarious to pass up.  Sean (if you’re reading), that one’s for you!  You may also notice the bottle of talcum powder, which I didn’t actually pick up at Paragon, but at CVS on my way home.  This is to prevent your caps from becoming mushy, chlorine-eaten balls of useless latex.  After swimming, let the cap dry a bit, then powder the inside.  This makes it much easier to manipulate and get on your head, and also prevents the cap from sticking to itself (trying to separate it from itself can cause tearing and breaking).  I hate the smell of powder, but this is an essential if you want your caps to last!



  1. Oooh, YAY for shopping! Hmm, I might just have to take up triathlons if it means I get to buy more stuff . . . I feel like I’m running out of running gear I can purchase! Oh, and hooray for the official start of your triathlon training on Monday! I am seriously like WAY too excited about this . .. .

  2. PHELPS!!! DAMN YOU!… Very nice. That is hilarious. I approve. They should also try to sell giant freaky mutant dinner-plate sized flipper hands!

    1. Oh yeah, you can actually get things like that. They sell paddles (or at least they used to) that you could use for drills.

  3. It’s good to be able to follow your progress. Also glad you had a positive shopping trip. If I had been able to try on goggles, I could have been Johnny Weismuller!

    1. We should think about visiting this place next time you visit, then your goggle woes will be over for good!

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! i added you to my google reader 🙂 i’m becoming intrigued by the thought of a triathlon and will have to remember the powder tip if i am ever fully sucked-in! we’ll see, i’m not such a strong swimmer… or biker… love the phelps cap!

  5. I hope your first week of tri training is going great!! Also, what bike did you get?

    There’s a question I’ve been wanting to ask you, my yoga teacher quit from the gym so until they get a replacement I’m being left without my weekly-yoga-fix. You mentioned you were doing yoga from some podcasts, I did a google search and found too many options, was wondering which is the one you use… because if you use it, it’s because those are the best, right?

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