Mark’s Run 5k Race Report

Hi, everybody!  I feel like I’ve been away for a long time.  The truth is I haven’t done much running lately, so I haven’t had much to blog about.  I’ve also been sort of slacking in terms of reading others’ blogs.  Sorry about that.  The semester is over so things are in this weird transition period.  I have not much to do, which you’d think would be conducive to massive productivity, but it’s not, really.  But I think we’ve explored that topic before.  So, moving on!

Last week was not great as I was sufficiently traumatized by a really bad run and sort of went on running hiatus.  I did the Shred every day up to Thursday, though, at which point I started level 3.  Oh my god.  That thing is INTENSE.  After Thursday, my schedule got crazy with a trip home for a memorial celebration for my recently deceased granddad.  It was an emotional weekend and even though I intended to continue shredding and get some other cardio in, I didn’t.  It was exhausting and busy and I just felt like all I could really do was make it through the days.  So yesterday, I started level 3 of the Shred over again, and my goal is to get through this ten-day period with a 10/10 record.  We’ll see!

Sunday morning, I raced a 5k with my mom.  This was the race I was doing the speed training for, even though I don’t feel like I did much speed training at all.  I went into the run figuring I would race it, but not have very high expectations.  I certainly didn’t expect a PR considering the month I’d had.

Sunday was a pretty rainy, grey, and somewhat chilly day.  This was actually good, though, because it meant I didn’t have to deal with wearing running shorts during the race!  I was more than happy to pull on my CW-X 3/4 length tights and a 1/4 zip pull-over with a sleeveless top underneath.  I’d run the race last year with my older sister (it was her first 5k!) so I was somewhat familiar with the course and knew it was pretty hilly in a few places, and had an especially steep (though fairly short) hill toward the end.  The race honors Mark Vaughn Ferris, who passed away from juvenile diabetes and heart failure in 1999, and benefits the Joslin Diabetes Center.  It is a small race, and well-organized.  The volunteers and coordinators are all very nice and friendly.  The only problem with it is that it seems to attract a lot of young teenagers and pre-teens.  You know, the ones who run really hard and pass you, then instantly stop and start walking, so you pass them.  Then they run really hard again, and pass you again.  After a while, the cat-and-mouse game gets annoying.  But I digress.

When the race started, I was out like a bat out of hell.  I felt really good, like I was doing a really comfortable pace.  I figured I was probably running 8:30 or so.  I checked my watch at the first mile marker and saw that I’d actually run a 7:41.  Sweet.  During the second mile, I continued feeling pretty good, although I find myself having a hard time holding back, especially on the down-hill portions.  My split for that mile was 7:01.  When I saw that on my watch, the only thing I could think was, “Crap!”  Except in my mind, my language was more colorful.  I was pretty sure that after that mile, my fastest mile ever, there was not a very good chance I would be able to maintain a similar pace.  I found myself wishing I’d run two more consistent miles, closer to an 8:00/mile pace.

Sure enough, during my third mile I had to slow waaaaay down, and even had to walk a bit up that steep hill toward the end of the course.  My last mile (and .1 mile) was embarrassingly slow!  My overall time was around 26:35, which is not bad at all.  As I said, though, it would have been nice to run a more consistent race.  At the same time, those first two splits were pretty exciting, especially given the fact that I didn’t feel like I was in the shape I wanted to be in.    So the way I see it, I’m 2/3 of the way to a better 5k time!  Imagine the possibilities with more consistent speed training!

Next week I start training for the triathlon, which I’m looking forward to.  Until then, I’m just focusing on trying to build back up to regular running and continuing the Shred.



  1. It was fun! I had a good time with you at the 5K on Sunday, and I am looking forward to running with you again. You are awesome! By the way, they still don’t have the results up!

    1. The results will be up sooner or later. Or maybe never. I think you are a little bit too obsessed with them!

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