Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

I had a terrible run on Saturday.  I mean, it was truly, truly awful.  One of the worst I’ve had in a while.  To refresh our collective memory, I was expecting to do close to thirty miles last week, and I even opted out of a run on Friday because I didn’t want to overdo it.  Ha.

Saturday morning I did the Shred.  I had a friend visiting that day so my original plan was to get up early to both Shred and run.  I managed to misjudge my schedule enough that I didn’t fit the run in, though.  And it was stupid, too, because in retrospect I could have done it.  Especially because my friend’s bus was late.  But I guess hindsight is 20/20.  So we agreed that going for a run in the afternoon was no big deal, and as a result, we headed out to Central Park at around 4 or 5 pm for my 7-mile speed interval run.  It should be mentioned that it was freakishly hot here this weekend, and I think on Saturday is was about 1,000 degrees.  Give or take, you know.  So I had my running shorts on, my sunscreen, etc.  My friend was kind enough to bring my water bottle along, and I figured we were set.  I didn’t really take into consideration the fact that it went from a mild mid-50s here to the seventh circle of hell and that my body really hadn’t adjusted.  I figured I had no reason to be anything other than optimistic about how the run went.

Well, as I said, it was awful.  The food I’d eaten for brunch about four hours prior felt like a lead weight in my stomach.  The heat was INTENSE.  There were about 4,000 people in the area of the park where I normally do my speed work.  The wind (hot, and dry) was blowing full speed.  And the worst part?  The running shorts.  I don’t know what it is about my thighs that causes the shorts to almost immediately ride up.  Even with massive amounts of body glide, my thighs rub together.  On a good day it’s uncomfortable.  On a day when it’s hot and I’m trying to spring for 200-800 meters at a time, it feels like additional resistance.  And this is not the sort of resistance training I want to be doing.  After about 3.5 miles, I just really couldn’t do it anymore, mentally.  Crying, I told my friend I just wanted to go home.  So we left.

Since then, I’ve done the Shred every day (except Sunday, now that I think about it), but I haven’t wanted to run.

I figure that as a runner approaching a warm season, I can’t really get around wearing shorts.  Or even a running skirt.  So I thought I’d do a little bit of research.  I know I’m not the only woman with this problem, so there must be solutions somewhere.  I noticed that there are a few apparel companies making loose-fitting shorts with compression shorts underneath, and figuring this was the probable solution to my problem, I bought two pairs to try out from Running Warehouse.  They arrived today and I was excited to try them on and test them out.

img_15032The first pair I bought (and the pair I’ll evaluate first) are the Nike Women’s Woven Two in One Short.  The pictures and info on the website made me think these would be a good length, and that the compression shorts would be of a length similar to that of the short.  As you can see in the picture, they are actually a pretty standard length (for some reason I thought they would be a bit longer).  The compression shorts are about an inch or an inch and a half shorter than the outer short.  And that’s fine, img_15041I guess.  I mean, it’s really my fault for not getting out a measuring tape and actually seeing what the stated inseam would be on my leg.  So, yeah, whatever.  I kind of think what you’ll also see in this picture is that I don’t have particularly or unusually large thighs (and for me to say that is pretty significant).  This is one of the reasons why I’m so baffled and angered by the fact that this is such a persistent problem for me.

Anyway, I figured I would put these shorts through their paces, and geared up to Shred.  By the time I was finished with the first strength circuit, the compression shorts were more like briefs, and the outer shorts were firmly bunched up around my upper thighs.  Not exactly the effect I was hoping for.  Needless to say, this made me feel less than optimistic about trying them out on a run.  I’m a little confused, because I feel like even though this appears to be a new design, nothing seems all that different.  But I’ll keep my mind open.  Maybe I’ll be surprised.  And maybe it’s just Nike, because they do tend to suck.  Honestly, though, what’s the point of making a running short with a compression short attached if it’s not to help with the bunching issue?

So, when all is said and done, I didn’t run today.  Honestly, I just wasn’t in the mood.  And I haven’t been in the mood since that stupid run on Saturday.  This Sunday I am running the 5k that all of this speed training has been for, but at this point I feel like the speed training was so half-assed (for a variety of reasons, both within and without my control) that I’m not sure how to approach it.  I guess in a way I just sort of give up.  I’m just emotionally drained at this point.  I’m hoping to run tomorrow through Sunday, but right now I just don’t feel like forcing myself.  I’m a little gun shy and I don’t want to end up having an experience similar to the one I had last time.



  1. I wear a lot of ‘technical’ gear on my runs, and sometimes that includes compression underwear (I have tested Under Armour and Helly Hansen and both make great products for this, but I havent tested nike). Usually at the start of the run they tend to go up a bit and they can feel loose, but once I start to sweat they stick to my legs and don’t move or bother me at all, so hopefully once you actually take your shorts for a run they’ll do the job when you start to sweat a bit.

  2. It just occurred to me, since you were thinking about doing a tri and all… Have you thought about getting tri shorts and taking them to your runs? I usually run on mine’s when I do bricks (bike ride and the run) and they feel great, absolutely no chaffing and they don’t move or bother at all, it’s like having a second skin.

  3. ARG. You know I feel your pain on the shorts issue, Em. I STILL have not found a solution other than to wear compression shorts with at least a 6″ inseam. They still ride up just a little bit (how is that even possible when they’re supposed to stick to my legs?!), but since they’re a bit longer, they end up bunching at about the spot normal running shorts would hit anyway. Of course, compression shorts totally suck because of the lack of pockets . . . or the fact that even if they do have pockets, you look like you have a huge tumor growing out of your hip/back/etc. the second you stick anything in there; but it’s been the best I could come up with thus far.

  4. I have the same problem with shorts. Actually, I have purposefully avoided shorts so far this season because of that very reason. But, I did find a nice pair of shorts with the lining inside from Reebok last year that actually seem to work okay with uber amounts of bodyglide.

    Hope that you have a good run soon so that you can enjoy it!!

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