Tell me something good

I keep getting this line stuck in my head because it is somewhat prominently featured on this blog.  And since I comment on that blog pretty frequently, I’m always clicking the ‘Tell me something good’ link.  Catchy stuff.

Also, it seemed like an appropriate line for a post title.  And you know how I love using song lyrics for post titles.  I just thought that since I’ve been a total cranky pants lately that I would focus more on the positive things going on right now.  Maybe a shift in perspective will help other things to fall into a better place, too.

So first, my 30-day Shred challenge is going really well so far.  Much, much better than any of my ill-fated weekly challenges ever went!  So far, I have shredded my way through 7 of the 9 total days I’ve been doing the challenge.  I’m planning on doing it today as well, which will take my record to an 8 out of 10.  Tomorrow is an exciting day: the first day of Level 2!  That means that I am (almost) officially 1/3 of the way through the challenge.  I’ve noticed some new definition in my arms, and I think my legs are looking pretty good these days too.  And since I’m not expecting Biggest Loser-scale results from this (almost) daily 20-minute routine, I’m pretty happy with these changes.

Even though I had to shelve 5k speed training this week (in the hopes that just running for mileage without worrying too much about speed would help me to relax enough to breathe), I’ve still managed to get in a decent week, mileage-wise.  As it stands now, I’ve done about 18 miles and I’m planning a run this evening which should bring things to somewhere between 20 and 25.  I haven’t decided how far I am going to run yet, so I’m not yet sure what my final number will be.  I’m proud of myself, though, because for a long time I was slacking to the point where a 15-mile week was an accomplishment.  It feels really good to be getting in 20-25 mile weeks pretty consistently at this point.

The weather has been really nice lately, and even though this means that there are a lot of people in Central Park, it also means that things are green, and trees are in bloom, and there are pretty things to look at (you know, while you’re trying to run around the people who are meandering through the recreation lanes while staying out of the way of the bikers who, by all appearances, would like to see you get run over).  I miss living in a place where there are more trees, so it’s nice to have the Park so close by.

Hopefully this upcoming week I will be able to get back to my training.  I am still not ready to give up on the idea of a 5k PR on May 3rd.



  1. Yeah! I love that song. Sometimes I sing it when I’m pissed off.

    There used to be an amazing live version of it on YouTube, and Chaka was only like 22 in it… I could only find this one now : which is still awesome, although a little faster than it should be.

    Yay for pretty weather, but I know what you mean… it’s so hard not to get annoyed by everyone. I guess that’s what we get for being city-girls.

    Keep on going!

  2. This is really truly great news! And yes, running outside in the spring is awesome. I went for a 6:00 a.m. run yesterday and saw a couple of bunny rabbits on someone’s lawn as I ran past. They scampered away all cute when they heard me approaching. Much better way to see them than driving past in the car! Keep up the good work!

  3. Awesome week! I think sometimes it really helps to take a week off from the speed training stuff and let your body/mind recover by just running easy. Without fail, I always end up getting really bored with the easy stuff and wanting to get back to speedier stuff by the next week.

    Also, is it bad that I kind of miss winter . . . or at least the part of winter that means having the parks all to myself? I already want to hurt the meandering types of people, and it’s only April. This is not good!

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