5k training: Week 3, Day 1

Day 1 came a little late this week.  I was traveling on Monday and had a bad day Tuesday (reason: obvious, considering recent events.  I guess this will just sort of come and go for some time, all the while growing easier as time continues to pass).  Wednesday I still wasn’t feeling all that great; since getting back to New York some of the running-related anxiety has returned and on both Tuesday and Wednesday I felt like I had some sort of weird weight on my chest, preventing me from taking full, deep breaths when I needed to.  At the same time, when yesterday rolled around, I knew I needed to get a run in, so I just sort of pushed myself out the door for my speed work.

Yay, it went well!  The workout consisted of 2x800m repeats, 2x400m repeats, and 4x200m repeats.  Add recovery jogs and the 1.05 miles (one way) between my apartment at the place in the park where I do my speed work, and it ends up being a pretty solid 6.1 mile run.

Here’s the breakdown (my goal, again, is around an 8:00/mile):

2×800 m- 3:57, 3:51

2×400 m- 1:55, 1:55 (ooh, scary consistent)

4×200 m- :55, :53, :56, :52

I’m pleased with that, and this was a definitely improvement over last week’s speed work which, while not bad, wasn’t great, either.

Today is a beautiful day, and while I’m happy for the nice weather, I’m not thrilled at the prospect of running in shorts.  Blergh.

Thanks to those of you who offered your condolences.  This has been a difficult time but it helps to have people remind me of the special connection I had and will continue to have with my granddad.



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