Did I really just say in one of my last posts that a bad run is better than not running at all?

That was a lie.

My runs have been total crap lately!  Maybe it’s time to reconsider this hobby.  I really feel like quitting.



  1. Hang in there, Emilie. It WILL get easier, I promise! And it will feel so awesome to shave multiple minutes off of your 5K time! I always try to think of the reward I have ahead of me when I’m really struggling (with some of my recent runs, that picture of myself crossing the fininsh line with a sub-4 hour marathon time is all that kept me going!) You can do it, girl!

  2. You’re wrong about that – a bad run IS better than no run at all. It just simply is because you are out there and you are running. Whereas when you are not running, you are sitting around and doing nothing probably and feeling bad about that. Maybe you should take a short break from running; methinks running is probably like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget how to do it. so take a break, do something else, like yoga or swimming or something, and go back to the run when you feel you really need to run just for the running part and not the competitive part. Don’t give up the ship!

  3. Lies!!! If you weren’t feeling bad about the crappy run right now, you would be feeling guilty and terrible about yourself for not going out for the run. If you keep going out, the runs will get better and you will feel better (and you know it!), but if you don’t you will be still feeling bad about yourself…

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