Now I’m a Farmar

If I could find a way to make all of my post titles songs that I like, I would do it.  Unfortunately, the reality of that situation is that I’m just not clever enough to do something like that.  Plus, it probably wouldn’t be awesome to anyone other than me.  I’m sort of guessing there are very few people out there (possibly none of whom read this blog) who pick up this reference, for example.  If you do get it, then I think you’re pretty great.

At any rate, I have discovered a new love: Dave Farmar.  Dave has free yoga podcasts available for download through iTunes and his website, and also has pay-to-download sessions available through (where else but) yogadownload.  I did a long power yoga podcast of his over the weekend, and a shorter one today.  This guy is amazing.  I am a total convert.  I want to move to Denver so I can actually attend his classes.

You may have noticed this about me: I ❤ yoga.  I think it’s really, really great.  And today, I had a frustrating day, during which I spent quite a bit of time thinking about how great it would be to get home and do a nice, intense, long session of yoga.  So I eagerly downloaded a new session for myself not long after getting home from work, only to find that I really, really, super hated it.  For one thing, the instructor repeatedly said “pelvic” instead of “pelvis”.  As in “make sure the pelvic is tilted in such-and-such direction” (obviously I’m paraphrasing slightly; this is by no means a direct quote).  The first time this happened I thought, “oh, sometimes people do things like that, you know, say one thing when they mean another”.  The 756th time she did it, it nearly gave me an aneurism.  She would also instruct to go from standing positions directly to chaturanga.  Yeah, no.  I mean, I have no problem whatsoever with chaturanga.  But I can’t go from a full standing position to chaturanga in like half a second.  At one point I got sufficiently annoyed that she instructed to go into a position and I said, out loud (you know, to the air in my bedroom), “No, lady, fuck you.”  Not really what you should feel like in a yoga class.  At that point, though, I knew that something was wrong.  So I turned that session off, and turned Dave Farmar on.  I mean, you know, I turned his yoga session on.

Long story short, Dave Farmar greatly improved my day.  He has a sense of humor and I have huge amounts of respect for anyone that can make me smile and laugh while holding utkatasana for 1,000 years.

Tomorrow I’m planning on running.  Just in case you were wondering.



  1. I know what you mean when people mispronounce something or say the wrong word, over and over and over, its impossible for me to concentrate!!! I hate it!

    I didn’t get the reference from the title, but I still think I’m pretty great!! *grin* Have a great run tomorrow.

    1. Oh, I think you’re pretty great, too. Also, I’m glad you chose yoga over pilates! My recommendation would be to give some of the yogadownload podcasts a try, because they come with pose guides and some even have slideshows that you can play along with the audio session so you have an idea what you’re doing. They have stuff available for all levels and all intensities.

  2. I think you’ve finally talked me into yoga. I’ve been saying for ages and ages that I should really try it. I’ll have to check out Dave Farmar’s podcasts. Thanks so much for the tip!! 🙂

    And could that possibly be The Who you’re referencing? Or maybe not . . . ha, just a guess!

  3. I honor your patience to do yoga. My friend and I tried watching some yoga videos awhile back ago and I was having the hardest time. It seems I can’t even get close to some of the positions they want you in.

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