Employment! And yoga!

After a long stint in the doldrums, I think I can now state with confidence that things are on the up and up! Yesterday I accepted a job at Columbia teaching French in the department and coordinating events and programs at the French house (also known as la Maison Française). This means a couple of things: 1) gainful employment!; 2) I’m moving back to New York after a stint at my parents’ in the DC area; 3) an enormous source of stress in my life is gone! If, by any chance, any of you have connections to anyone (sane) who is looking for a roommate in New York, let me know. Or if you have suggestions about places to live in New York that are not too expensive (har, har, I know), let me know.

Running has taken a back seat for a while but now that I am participating in this virtual training group, I feel more motivated. Plus I will start training pretty soon for the Philadelphia marathon. Lets hope that this training period goes better than the last one. In spite of this extended period of difficulty with running, I’ve been doing a ton of yoga so I have not been entirely idle. I’ve been going to this studio not far from my parents’ house and I have to say it can be somewhat hit or miss. It has taught me a lot about what I look for in a yoga teacher, and what I sort of never want to see from a yoga teacher. It has been an interesting learning experience, if nothing else. And I have toned up a bit in the process!

Is anyone else doing any yoga? I have always thought it was a good complement to running, since it counteracts a lot of the muscular tightness that running tends to encourage. If you do any yoga, what do you like or dislike in a teacher? I am sort of curious to hear about others’ experiences.



  1. YES! Congrats on the job and good call on returning to NYC! As for cheap-ish places to live, COME TO BROOKLYN!!! Ok, j/k . . . because honestly, it would be a bit of a hike to Columbia, depending on where you were in the BK. I’ve heard great things about Inwood, though . . . lots of parks and places to run, and it wouldn’t be a bad commute to Columbia . . .

  2. Congrats!! You must be so excited!
    I’ve been wanting to get into yoga for so long but haven’t found the motivation. One of these days I’m going to though.

  3. Congrats on the job! Must be a great relief! I personally don’t really care for yoga. Everytime I do it I feel incredibly confused and bored. But I know that it definetly works for some people

  4. Congrats on finding a job, Emilie. I have done a little bit of Yoga via a video “Yoga for Runners” It is ok, I guess. I think it does help with the running. I can tell you that since I started the video, my shins no longer hurt. Like Rachel, I get a little bored with it. My coworker LOVES Yoga. She said that they did it last night and it was 101 degrees in the workout room. I guess it is better for the body blah blah blah…sounds like crap to me.

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