I hate running in shorts!

That’s my confession: I hate running in shorts. I love the warm weather, I love the cool breezes, I love not having to pile on layers, I love feeling the sun on my skin (although I don’t like the thought of a sunburn)…I just hate wearing shorts while experiencing all of these things.

See, I can’t relax in shorts. I am constantly tugging at them: they are sitting too high on my waist, or not high enough, or (and this is most often the case) they are riding up between my legs. They are bunching up between my thighs. And my thighs are not particularly large. And it doesn’t seem to matter what sort of shorts I wear. I have tried different brands, different lengths, different cuts, different materials, and it never seems to make a difference. No matter what I do, I find myself yanking at my shorts while running so that they stop riding up.

As a result, I dread the warm weather. I wish I could wear capri pants all the time, no matter what. Sadly, with the summers on the east coast, capri season is rather short and fleeting. What’s a girl to do?

Has anyone else had a similar problem? Or any other gripes with gear that just never seems to work, no matter what you try? Misery does love company, after all.



  1. What about one of those running skirts? Some of them have full compression shorts attached so you won’t have to worry about them riding up. And they look adorable, too! Although adorable probably isn’t what most runners are going for during a race, right?

  2. Chris, that is actually an excellent suggestion…and here I was thinking I had tried everything! I have to admit, too, that they do look adorable. I’ve seen women wear them in a number of races I have run and they have always piqued my interest! As for adorable during a race, well, it couldn’t hurt, could it? Especially if adorable is also functional 😉

  3. Emily, I recently found your blog. I read todays entry and could not help but commenting. You have to try the new running skirts!!! You will love them! They feel like compression shorts, but you don’t have to expose your bum. I have the “Gym Girl” one made my Skirtsports (google it I can’t figure out how to make it a link) The shorts underneath are made of a very light almost mesh material that is super breathable. And the pocket is great for a cell phone or ipod. If you look at the website, they also have the Gym Girl version on sale in different colors. Goodluck! –Alissa (I don’t know how to change my name from those numbers)

  4. skirtsports does look good, although I am not ready yet for a running dress. I don’t know that the world is ready for that, actually. Back to skirts, though–people seem to love them! I looked a message boards, reviews, blogs, etc. and everyone seems enamored with them. I guess my choice is clear, for once in life!

  5. Thank you for voicing my EXACT thoughts. I think my issue is that I have a really short waist, so there’s really just no good place for the shorts to sit. For some bizarre reason, though, I really just can’t deal with the idea of a running skirt. I think other people look cute in them, but I have a tomboy side that simply won’t allow me to wear them (odd, considering I hoard skirts/dresses otherwise, and get all giddy about the warm weather which allows me to wear said skirts/dresses). Hmm, I think I need therapy . . . 🙂

  6. Odd that I missed this post somewhere in there. But I used to have the same problem. I’ve found that under armour shorts do the best justice. But the skirt thing would be something to try.

  7. Hi! I just found your blog!

    I had the same problem with all of my running shorts- mine always bunched up in the thighs! Another blogger wrote about her favorite shorts, so I ended up trying Brooks Womens Running shorts. Seriously, they are the best things ever. No bunching. Total comfort. Good luck!

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