A change of plans

Oof. I just finished doing “Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom” with Minna Lessig (who, it is true, does use a lot of somewhat silly expressions) and my muscles are still shaking. Last time I did it, I didn’t do the whole thing; I omitted the total body workout, which, it would appear, is like the double-chocolate whipped topping, and cherries, and sprinkles on top. I mean, the whole DVD is challenging, there is no doubt about that, but doing the full hour is wow a tough workout. As I write this my triceps are twinging a little bit. In the best way possible, of course. I know I will be feeling it in the morning.

So why revisit this DVD, since I have already mentioned it here? Well, because I decided that instead of doing that workout for your shape routine featured in Fitness, I would try doing this routine three times a week over the next month. At that point, I will have firmly established a weight-training routine. Plus, I think that in order to get the full effect of the Fitness routine, the best thing would be to do the cardio workout that goes along with it, which I would prefer to do after finishing up with this imminent marathon. So that’s the new plan, just thought you might like to know 🙂



  1. Hey – that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Change! and that includes change of plans which I guess some would say is a “woman’s prerogative,” although that might be considered sexist by some of us (including myself maybe). But life by its very nature cannot stay static so I say, Go For It! Do what you have to do!

  2. I know you know this, but I REALLY like that DVD. I didn’t get to it on Monday, but when I did it yesterday I actually realized that I can totally see progress, especially in the strength of my abs! I HATE THE GYMNAST ABS EXERCISE. It’s like the worst thing ever created. BUT: yesterday I was actually able to lift myself noticeably higher, at least for the first few reps, and that’s a *huge* thing for me. I could barely get off the ground the first few times.

    And yes, doing the whole workout is hardcore; last week I split it up and did two sections at a time, and then some cardio, but to be honest I didn’t like that as much. I like doing the whole thing three days a week: it doesn’t feel like it’s a whole hour and I feel really great afterwards, even though I am freakin’ sore. ^_^

    Having said all that, next week is going to be the last week I do it (at least for a while)… I need to get it back to Netflix, and I also need to focus a bit more on running so’s I can train for my itty-bitty nothing-like-a-marathon 5K, and even though I think it would still benefit my body a lot I can see myself getting bored with it. Buuuut I might just buy it regardless. 🙂

    This really really long comment was brought to you by the letter C, as in Caffeine, as in “too much of it this morning”.

  3. Oh my gosh, that’s so funny because I HATE THAT GYMNAST ABS EXERCISE, too! And while I was doing it yesterday I was thinking, ‘I should tell Rebecca how much I hate this exercise, I wonder if she hates it too!’ Ha ha, that’s funny.

  4. You know what totally absurd exercise I actually really like, though? (NOT “funky abs”. Definitely not that one. I don’t hate that one but I can’t keep up with the fast one and I look like I’m having a fit. And I KNOW I’m not doing it properly to work my abs, either.) I like the Froggy Leg Lifts or whatever they’re called. Haha! You look like such a tool, but it’s actually kind of fun!

  5. I don’t mind funky abs, even though I know I am not working my abs the way I should when I do it. The one that I have trouble with is the shoulder shimmy–I can’t keep the rhythm once it speeds up and I just end up looking like a mess! I also love the froggy leg lifts!! I was thinking about that while I was doing them…and I definitely feel them in my butt today :p

  6. You know, I’ve been thinking about Susan’s comment about changing plans and women’s prerogative…and I never really thought about it before, but I’ve always felt really guilty about having to change my mind or change my plans! But it’s true, life is all about change and changing one’s mind falls into that category. So from now on, no more guilt or negative feelings when I change my mind about something 🙂

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