Weekly Challenge: what next?

I’m pretty proud of myself: I managed to get up to 10 pushups over the past week. That’s not bad–a jump from 2 to 10 (while being sick) is pretty respectable, I think. Especially seeing as how it was an eight pushup jump in a very short period of time. So I’m nowhere near G.I. Jane craziness, but it is a definite improvement.

And now it is time to pick out a new weekly challenge. I’m not entirely sure what to do this week. The one idea I’ve been knocking around has been getting up in the morning to run or workout. I tend to put it off until later in the day, but I have always wanted to commit to running in the morning, getting it out of the way, and having many hours in front of me during which I do not have to worry about when I am going to be able to fit a run in.

So here’s my idea for this week: wake up around 6:30 or 6:45, eat something (a Luna bar, maybe?), digest, and be out for the run about an hour later.

This will probably be the most trying challenge to date but I guess it is now or never and I am going to have to rise to the occasion (and yeah, I admit that originally there was no pun intended there but then I thought about it and realized that it was punny, and I wrote it anyway. Feel free to groan).



  1. Getting up in the early morning to workout is GREAT! Take it from me. It also gives you a great start to your day – you can sort everything out that you have to do, that you want to do, etc. Good luck!
    Oh, and way to go w/your pushups!

  2. There is nothing better than getting up early and working out. It is the only time I WILL wake up, even if that means getting up at 5 or earlier. You will feel great the rest of the day. Typically, I don’t eat anything before working out in the morning. This morning a took a Gu and that worked out well. Maybe something like a banana would keep you going. Oh, and a stick of gum of course! Keeps the hunger away!

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