Days of Light

I was just sitting here at my computer (as I am wont to do) listening to one of my favorite feel-good songs (“You Better You Bet”), sung by one of my all-time favorite singers (Roger Daltrey), and performed by one of my all-time favorite bands (the Who). This got me thinking of another song that I LOVE, sung by the very same Roger Daltrey, though not with the Who. This song is the perfect thing for a Friday afternoon, after you’ve gotten through your commitments for the week and just want to chill out and relax. Turn it up loud and dance around. I promise I won’t laugh if you do.



One comment

  1. Re Days of Light. I agree with you 100%.. Well the words tell you this is a Friday song. “Round about 7 on a Friday night, forget about your worries gonna be alright”.. Etc.. A truly brilliant song. The whole album that this comes from is brilliant. (Rocks In The Head)… Glad to know somebody else loves this song just as much as me.

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